Hitting Jackpot with Airbnb

July 2017

Athens, Greece

To say we hit the jackpot with our Airbnb hosts in Athens, Greece is a mighty understatement. Sandy and her family welcomed us in like we were old friends coming to town. We were overwhelmed by their love, their hospitality, Valia's delicious Greek cooking (no one compares- really!), and the family's rooftop studio with two balconies overlooking Athens. 

The family's listing on Airbnb was new, so I snagged the opportunity to photograph the unique and eclectic space, take portraits of our beautiful host Sandy, and take photos of our favorite cafe in Fatsea Square. Here's some photos of the spaces and Sandy. Enjoy!


Rooftop Studio in Athens, Greece


Portraits of Sandy

Fatsea Square


Papyros Cafe

Our favorite spot in the evenings

Lindsey is an amazing photographer! The way she captures the light and the surroundings is so elegant! She has this gift of finding the right spot and the right pose for every person in no time at all. She sees the opportunities for pictures that others would need time to find. The one thing that won me with the experience was the feeling she manages to give to the person captured by her camera. I’m not a model and I will never be, so as a regular every day person I felt awkward at the beginning, posing outside where people could see us. But Lindsey managed to take all my anxiety away with her words, laugh and with being so into her job that at some point I felt like we were just the two of us in a square filled with people! But the one thing that really amazed me is that most photographers tell you what to do and how you should place your arm, your leg, etc. Lindsey wants you to feel natural and when a specific pose is needed she has her own ways of making you do it without even realizing it! I recommend Lindsey’s work 100%! There are no words to thank you enough Lindsey for doing this for me!
— Sandy F. | Airbnb Host & Teacher | Athens, Greece

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