Photography References
I am so happy with the way my pictures turned out. My top two priorities are for pictures to be authentic and flattering, and Lindsey captured both. She not only made me feel comfortable and gave me permission to be myself during the shoot, but she let me see the pictures in progress to empower me and give me confidence as a person, which showed up on camera!
— Kasey S. | Author, Fitness Instructor, & Entrepreneur | Athens, Georgia, USA
Lindsey is such a personable photographer, and makes photo-taking fun and easy. She had quite a feat as I am not the most comfortable in front of a camera, my husband is not the biggest fan of taking photos, and most of them included our newborn baby. That being said, however, we had a super enjoyable day with Lindsey taking family photos and professional shots for my business. She captured so much of the joy that we have and love for our baby. She was quick in getting them back to us, and we LOVED the end results! These will be photos we cherish forever!!
— Lauren C. | Designer, Illustrator, & Photographer | Dahlonega, Georgia, USA
Lindsey has an eye for capturing the very best parts of life. Whether sipping on bubbly at a rooftop wedding in New York City or making coffee in the first rays of morning light, Lindsey finds beauty, heart, and meaning in her creative work, making every moment, smile, and landscape appear magical. Her photographs have, time and time again, become my favorite memories.
— Rose M. | Master Cake Baker | Brooklyn, New York, USA
Lindsey took photos of me and my co-founder, at the beginning of a very important week for us and it was an absolutely wonderful start! She captured our personalities and the spirit of our team in a very calm and simple setting. Even if we don’t really like to pose for pictures, Lindsey made us feel comfortable and she brought out our genuine smile. The pictures are so fresh and authentic that make us look like a fun team that everyone wants to work with :) Thank you, thank you, thank you Lindsey!
— Evita K. | Social Entrepreneur & Yoga Instructor | Athens, Greece
Lindsey has an eye for capturing moments and special details in the most beautiful way. She is incredibly talented and an overall joy to work with from start to finish.
— Mollie K. | Life Coach & Entrepreneur | Brooklyn, New York, USA
Lindsey takes the most beautiful photos and has a real knack for capturing the perfect moments. Our wedding pictures are so special.
— Tun K. | Groom & Cyclist | Brooklyn, New York, USA
Lindsey is an amazing photographer! The way she captures the light and the surroundings is so elegant! She has this gift of finding the right spot and the right pose for every person in no time at all. She sees the opportunities for pictures that others would need time to find. The one thing that won me with the experience was the feeling she manages to give to the person captured by her camera. I’m not a model and I will never be, so as a regular every day person I felt awkward at the beginning, posing outside where people could see us. But Lindsey managed to take all my anxiety away with her words, laugh and with being so into her job that at some point I felt like we were just the two of us in a square filled with people! But the one thing that really amazed me is that most photographers tell you what to do and how you should place your arm, your leg, etc. Lindsey wants you to feel natural and when a specific pose is needed she has her own ways of making you do it without even realizing it! I recommend Lindsey’s work 100%! There are no words to thank you enough Lindsey for doing this for me!
— Sandy F. | Airbnb Host & Teacher | Athens, Greece
Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 12.11.57.png
Thanks for the awesome pictures of our girls! You were so patient with them as they were unsure of their “modeling skills”. We were excited to see that you captured something special about each girl, and we can’t wait for you to take some family pictures next!
— Michelle F. | Mom & Teacher | Statesboro, Georgia
I enjoyed our photo sessions! Lindsey is so encouraging, and she made me feel comfortable in front of the camera. I can’t wait until our next photo shoot!
— Madison | Student | Georgia

Writing References

Lindsey proved a reliable partner with GearJunkie’s ‘Mobile Office’ project. Her enthusiasm made the series stand apart.
— Stephen Regenold | Gear Junkie Founder & Editor | Minneapolis, Minnesota
I have worked with Lindsey Nubern on several projects. She is not only a pleasure to work with, but very professional in keeping deadlines, generating thoughtful responses, and creating captivating content. Her joy is contagious and overflows in everything she writes!
— Kasey Shuler | Author & Blogger | Athens, Georgia

Lindsey has been a pleasure to work with and we look forward to receiving her articles each month. Her writing is very well thought out, easy to understand and covers the essential pieces of information our members need to know about Accounting and how it affects their RV lifestyle.
— Melanie Carr | Escapees RV Club Vice President

Website Reference

The only reason I have a thriving business is because of Lindsey creating my website and her attention to detail. Time and time again, one of the biggest reasons my clients tell me they chose to work with me is because of my online presence through this website.
— Adam Nubern | Founder Nuventure CPA

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