Whisked Away with Whisk Me Away Cakes

May 2017

Brooklyn, New York

My husband and I were welcomed in to Brooklyn, New York by our friend Rose (also known as Master Cake Baker from Whisk Me Away Cakes) for our friend Mollie's big wedding weekend. Rose hosted us and took us under her wings for the weekend. We went every where Rose went. She opened her home, her bakery, and her life to us. I got to catch her in action doing what she loves: cakes, friends, and coffee. It was an exciting weekend in NYC! Here's the photo journey of a rooftop wedding, the bakery and her home. Enjoy!


The Wedding Cake

The wedding was at the Brooklyn Grange, an enormous farm, overlooking New York. What an office! Rose made the final touches on the wedding cake while everyone was prepping for the bride and groom to arrive! 


The Surprise Cake

Rose snuck us into her New York cake shop to get her personal surprise for the bride and groom: A second wedding cake for their reception! She added special hints of the Brooklyn Water Tower, the Brooklyn Bridge, and two bikes for the married cycling duo.


A Relaxing After Wedding Morning

After all the cake baking, decorating and delivering was said and done, we got to relax and kick back with french pressed coffees in Rose's super cool eclectic and unique apartment. I couldn't resist. I had to take pictures of her awesome spot in the world. 

Lindsey has an eye for capturing the very best parts of life. Whether sipping on bubbly at a rooftop wedding in New York City or making coffee in the first rays of morning light, Lindsey finds beauty, heart, and meaning in her creative work, making every moment, smile, and landscape appear magical. Her photographs have, time and time again, become my favorite memories.
— Rose M. | Master Cake Baker | Brooklyn, New York, USA

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