Out in the Field in Romania

July 2017

Cluj Napoca, Romania

The adventure of the day was to head into the field with Open Field's veterinarian to check in on all the cows in a local village. Open Fields out of Cluj Napoca, Romania works to empower women by gifting her the resource of a cow so she can provide for her family. We got to see what a day looks like when the vet comes to town to check in on the cows. We visited four and we may have let a cow loose on the village streets. Woops! It all made it for an exciting day in the Romanian village! Enjoy!

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Congrats to the Graduate!

May 2017

Statesboro, Georgia

It was an exciting season to watch Madison finish out high school and graduate. This girl's onto grand new adventures! To capture Madison and Makinley's last year at home together as sisters, we did a photo shoot (and mom jumped in, too) in Sweet Heart Circle on Georgia Southern University's campus. Later I was honored to watch Madison walk across the stage and capture her in cap and gown.

Congratulations, Madison! So excited for all that's ahead for you! Enjoy these photos from this special season. 

Sister Photo Session


Graduation Photos

Thanks for the awesome pictures of our girls! You were so patient with them as they were unsure of their “modeling skills”. We were excited to see that you captured something special about each girl, and we can’t wait for you to take some family pictures next!
— Michelle F. | Mom & Teacher | Statesboro, Georgia

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Hitting Jackpot with Airbnb

July 2017

Athens, Greece

To say we hit the jackpot with our Airbnb hosts in Athens, Greece is a mighty understatement. Sandy and her family welcomed us in like we were old friends coming to town. We were overwhelmed by their love, their hospitality, Valia's delicious Greek cooking (no one compares- really!), and the family's rooftop studio with two balconies overlooking Athens. 

The family's listing on Airbnb was new, so I snagged the opportunity to photograph the unique and eclectic space, take portraits of our beautiful host Sandy, and take photos of our favorite cafe in Fatsea Square. Here's some photos of the spaces and Sandy. Enjoy!


Rooftop Studio in Athens, Greece


Portraits of Sandy

Fatsea Square


Papyros Cafe

Our favorite spot in the evenings

Lindsey is an amazing photographer! The way she captures the light and the surroundings is so elegant! She has this gift of finding the right spot and the right pose for every person in no time at all. She sees the opportunities for pictures that others would need time to find. The one thing that won me with the experience was the feeling she manages to give to the person captured by her camera. I’m not a model and I will never be, so as a regular every day person I felt awkward at the beginning, posing outside where people could see us. But Lindsey managed to take all my anxiety away with her words, laugh and with being so into her job that at some point I felt like we were just the two of us in a square filled with people! But the one thing that really amazed me is that most photographers tell you what to do and how you should place your arm, your leg, etc. Lindsey wants you to feel natural and when a specific pose is needed she has her own ways of making you do it without even realizing it! I recommend Lindsey’s work 100%! There are no words to thank you enough Lindsey for doing this for me!
— Sandy F. | Airbnb Host & Teacher | Athens, Greece

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From the Hills of Alabama to the Roof Tops in New York

May + June 2017

Cedar Bluff, Alabama + Brooklyn, New York

Mollie and Tun. Boy, these two are a special pair and are quite the adventurers! This couple had us happily traveling around the USA this month. From visiting their family in Alabama to jet setting to Brooklyn for their roof top wedding. This couple knows how to live and celebrate life. We're so thankful we're friends with these two and we're honored to share in the exciting moments life brings. Here are some moments from the lake and their wedding. Enjoy!

Cedar Bluff, Alabama

Sunset on Weiss Lake

Lindsey has an eye for capturing moments and special details in the most beautiful way. She is incredibly talented and an overall joy to work with from start to finish.
— Mollie K. | Life Coach & Entrepreneur | Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn, New York

Mollie + Tun's Wedding Day

Lindsey takes the most beautiful photos and has a real knack for capturing the perfect moments. Our wedding pictures are so special.
— Tun K. | Groom & Pro Cyclist | Brooklyn, New York

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Jumping in with Women on Top

June 2017

Athens, Greece

Landed in Athens, Greece at the perfect time to capture Evita and Stella start their second annual Women on Top Summer Camp. The camp is a week long providing classes for female entrepreneurs in Athens to take their businesses to the next level. Thankful to capture the first day's sessions and snag Evita and Stella away from the action for new portraits. 


Evita and Stella


The Sessions

Experts in online marketing, micro financing, and owning your own business as a woman made up the exciting first day. 

Lindsey took photos of me and my co-founder, at the beginning of a very important week for us and it was an absolutely wonderful start! She captured our personalities and the spirit of our team in a very calm and simple setting. Even if we don’t really like to pose for pictures, Lindsey made us feel comfortable and she brought out our genuine smile. The pictures are so fresh and authentic that make us look like a fun team that everyone wants to work with :) Thank you, thank you, thank you Lindsey!
— Evita K. | Social Entrepreneur | Athens, Greece

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Whisked Away with Whisk Me Away Cakes

May 2017

Brooklyn, New York

My husband and I were welcomed in to Brooklyn, New York by our friend Rose (also known as Master Cake Baker from Whisk Me Away Cakes) for our friend Mollie's big wedding weekend. Rose hosted us and took us under her wings for the weekend. We went every where Rose went. She opened her home, her bakery, and her life to us. I got to catch her in action doing what she loves: cakes, friends, and coffee. It was an exciting weekend in NYC! Here's the photo journey of a rooftop wedding, the bakery and her home. Enjoy!


The Wedding Cake

The wedding was at the Brooklyn Grange, an enormous farm, overlooking New York. What an office! Rose made the final touches on the wedding cake while everyone was prepping for the bride and groom to arrive! 


The Surprise Cake

Rose snuck us into her New York cake shop to get her personal surprise for the bride and groom: A second wedding cake for their reception! She added special hints of the Brooklyn Water Tower, the Brooklyn Bridge, and two bikes for the married cycling duo.


A Relaxing After Wedding Morning

After all the cake baking, decorating and delivering was said and done, we got to relax and kick back with french pressed coffees in Rose's super cool eclectic and unique apartment. I couldn't resist. I had to take pictures of her awesome spot in the world. 

Lindsey has an eye for capturing the very best parts of life. Whether sipping on bubbly at a rooftop wedding in New York City or making coffee in the first rays of morning light, Lindsey finds beauty, heart, and meaning in her creative work, making every moment, smile, and landscape appear magical. Her photographs have, time and time again, become my favorite memories.
— Rose M. | Master Cake Baker | Brooklyn, New York, USA

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